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Why Employers Should Consider Concierge Medicine For Employees?

February 07, 2021

Concierge Medicine and Direct Patient Care have revolutionized healthcare in recent years. This provides a more personalized and more efficient healthcare program for members. The premium payments can be annual or monthly, and patients usually get more than what they pay for.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that the workforce remains essential and indispensable for the economy. Companies face the dilemma of how to cut costs while retaining the people.

How Concierge Medicine Benefits Employers?

Employers can offer a solution to their employees' health-related worries and concerns by recalibrating their health benefits packages and investing in concierge medicine.

This program provides a personalized healthcare approach that is not offered by insurance plans. Imagine providing a family doctor for every employee, with whom they can consult any time.

How concierge medicine is different from health insurance programs?

This scheme eliminates third parties, such as insurance companies. Patients have easy and direct access to their preferred physicians and healthcare personnel.

Physicians can attend to patients faster during urgent consultation needs. Concierge Medicine also enables longer consultation time without limitations like that of insurance programs.

Employees can underestimate the benefits of concierge medicine for employers. Yet, it can be the prized offering or one unique selling proposition for employees to stay loyal and productive even amidst a global pandemic.

Employers should invest in concierge medicine or direct patient care programs at this point, where people's attention and concern are centered on their health and safety.

Concierge Medicine

Employers can win an edge to earn the trust and loyalty of employees. They can do so while benefiting from employees' motivated performance and productivity.

The healthcare system around the world has been overwhelmed due to the pandemic. Hospitals are full of COVID cases. People then struggled to connect to physicians for their health concerns, causing a decline in their wellness.

Concierge Medicine can be one great solution to this. With an ongoing global pandemic going, people's concerns about health and security are greater than ever.

Most people are staying at home, and almost everything is going online. Telemedicine or online consultations with healthcare professionals also rose.

These options are more comfortable with concierge medicine by having direct and personal contact with a physician. No symptom will be taken for granted and overlooked, which may lead to worse conditions.

Benefits of Concierge Medicine for Employers

1. Investing in Employees' Health Boosts Company Image and Increases productivity

A comprehensive program investing in employees' health pays off more than expected. It is estimated to be at 2.71$ return for every 1$ spent. These figures were according to an article from Harvard Business Review discussing a case with Johnson & Johnson.

These numbers are testimonies on how healthier employees cost less for the company and increase profit. A study by the American Psychological Association established a direct link between employees' health and organizational performance.

The primary indicators include lower turnover rates, fewer stress reports, and higher workplace satisfaction rates.

2. Concierge Medicine and Direct Patient Care boosts employee morale

Studies on human behavior show how motivation factors are vital in increasing employee productivity. When a company invests in competent benefit packages for their employees, the employees feel valued and work harder to achieve the company's goals.

The benefits of concierge medicine for employers can be a long-term investment. The exponential returns start from boosting morale and productivity to retaining good employees.

This also works in attracting competent candidates as well in the future. Investing in a personalized program such as concierge medicine can also add to employees' security. Provided by the company, it also establishes trust and loyalty.

3. Concierge Medicine can lower benefit costs

Concierge Medicine benefits for employers does not end with gains from more motivated and productive employees. It can be more cost-efficient.

With concierge medicine, employers can pay lower insurance premiums. Employers can choose insurance plans covering only in-hospital treatments for significant operations or emergencies.

Complemented by the concierge medicine program, employees get a more personalized healthcare plan with more comfortable and direct contact with physicians. Employees enjoy this without worrying about the limitations of insurance coverage.

4. Happier and Healthier Employees Lead to Reduced Absenteeism and Presenteeism

Healthcare is not a one-size-fits-all program. Employees will benefit better from a program like a concierge medicine. It has a more personal and efficient scheme that employees will enjoy.

Unlike health insurance coverage, Concierge Medicine works to improve patient-physician relationships for the long term, for a continued healthcare service that is more efficient and effective.

Why Should Employers Consider Concierge Medicine for Employees?

The most important and most noticeable among the benefits of concierge medicine for employers are happier and healthier employees. This will positively affect the workplace and the organization's performance.

Happier employees look forward to work, with sustained motivation and productivity. When employees are happy and healthy, absenteeism and presenteeism are reduced significantly, making every cent the company spends worth a hundredfold.

Employers need to emphasize how humane they are. Especially in this era where economic crises are on the rise, humanity must keep the company's most treasured resource, its workforce.

Employers must have personalized programs. It is essential to get the message across sincerely and felt by the employees down the line.

The benefits of concierge medicine and other healthcare programs are countless. On top of being one for humanity and health, the returns are, in fact, quantifiable. It lowers insurance costs while boosting employees' morale and productivity.

Investing in concierge medicine or direct patient care makes an employer stand out in this global health concern era. Investing in concierge medicine enables the employer to benefit their employee without the extra cost but with huge potential returns.

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Authored by Harsha Moole, M.D., MBBS

Advocate of healthcare models that promote direct relationship between patients and doctors. Founder @ FindMyDirectDoctor, LLC.

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