Concierge Medicine

What Are the Benefits of Concierge Medicine?

Updated on: April 05, 2024

Concierge medicine is a new health care model that is focused on patient-centred care. It is a membership-based model wherein patients are able to receive direct treatment from their concierge doctors, without having to deal with Insurance and corporate companies.

What sets concierge medicine apart from its conventional counterpart?

The healthcare industry is ushering in a refreshing new take on patient care due to the many frustrations that come with the traditional, insurance-based healthcare model.

As concierge medicine offers a highly individualized, patient-focused healthcare method. With its invaluable benefits alone, the concierge medicine model is a true testament of how health care should be, one with every patient’s best interests as its top priority.

3. Concierge medicine lets patients have immediate, direct access to their doctor.

This new health care model provides immediate access to your concierge doctor. Direct patient care is the norm, which means patients can reach their doctors via their personal line 24/7.

  • Same-day appointments are possible
  • Unlimited visits with no copay fees
  • Tele-consultations via mobile or online
  • No pre-booking required
  • No long queues
  • Doctor personal cell phone access
Better access to their doctor gives patients peace of mind, it can be therapeutic and it can lead to a relationship of greater trust. - Carolyn Long Engelhard, MPA, a director of the health policy program at the University of Virginia - School of Medicine

4. Concierge medicine is proactive and meticulous patient care that is the trademark of most membership health care models.

You will be surprised by how well concierge doctors can take care of you when they are not overworked, weighed down by unimportant administrative paperwork, or made to do the bidding of intermediaries.

Again, it all goes back to a time – doctors and patients alike desire nothing more than that. Time is the defining factor in building that layer of trust between doctor and patient.

When doctors are not preoccupied with matters other than their patient’s well-being, they have all the time in the world for the important stuff, such as:

  • More time to understand a patient’s condition and fewer instances of passing on a patient from one specialist to the next
  • Early disease diagnosis
  • Long-term management for chronic conditions
  • Concierge doctors have nothing but their patient’s well-being in mind.
  • This creates a layer of trust between doctor and patient thereby achieving overall patient satisfaction

5. Transactions in concierge medicine are transparent, straightforward and financially advantageous.

Concierge medicine breaks down a significant pain point which the traditional fee-for-service health care model has so convolutely established: complicated third-party billing.

Unlike the chaotic health insurance set-up most patients have come to loathe, transactions in concierge medicine are transparent, straightforward, and financially advantageous.

The concierge medicine model allows patients to settle a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee based on clear-cut payment terms and their corresponding amenities.

Your concierge medicine subscription offers heavily discounted services and medication at a wholesale cost, as you have never seen before.

Long-term financial savings on out-patient services and medication alone can already cover the cost of your concierge medicine subscription.

  • No complex third-party billing
  • Discounted services and medication
  • Long-term financial savings
  • Transparent payment terms

Now, isn’t that such a comforting thought? Making exceptional healthcare accessible to patients like you is our ultimate goal. Enjoy the best that healthcare has to offer, and find a concierge doctor in your area.

Published on: October 29, 2020