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Insurance based healthcare –
NOT effective!

Tired of being another number in your doctor’s office?

Tired of insurance companies determining the quality of your healthcare?

Concierge doctor = No insurance hassle = VERY effective!!

Direct Primary Care / Concierge Medicine Doctors are breaking the shackles from their insurance-reimbursed traditional practices, in efforts to provide a rejuvenated patient-focused health care.

Difference between Concierge doctor and traditional insurance based doctor

The Concierge Doctor Difference

Exclusive & privileged
Patient centered healthcare
Imagine a scenario where your doctor is not rushed, not boggled down by paperwork, and he/she has all the time you need to sit down and discuss your health.
Continuity of care
Longitudinal relationship
Imagine seeing this same doctor every year, year after year to continually take care of you
Peace of mind
Priority access
Now, imagine having direct access to this doctor’s personal phone and email for your urgent and unexpected needs round the clock (no answering service, no front desk call holds)
Doctors you can trust
High value healthcare
All this for a small out of pocket premium membership fee that probably costs less than what an average person spends every month on eating at a restaurant. This out of pocket expense is justified by 1) high value healthcare, 2) lower wholesale drugs/labs pricing, and 3) reducing the insurance premiums to cover only for inpatient hospitalization, procedures and sub-specialty care.
Concierge Medicine.
Direct Primary Care.
This in a nutshell is Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine

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Do you like it when your doctor rushes through your doctor's visit in 10 minutes or less?
Do you like to wait in a never ending line to see your doctor?
Would you like priority access to your doctor (doctor's personal cell number, same day visits etc)?
Do you want to be able to trust your doctor?
Do you like a mediocre quality medical care?
Would you prefer a doctor whose decisions are not influenced by the insurance / corporate companies they work for?
Do you like being pushed around to multiple unnecessary specialists & tests for a simple medical problem?