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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.What Are Sports Medicine Doctors Called?

    Sports medicine doctors typically go by sports physician or sports doctor.

    2.Who is a Sports Medicine Doctor?

    A sports medicine doctor is a primary care doctor who works with athletes to diagnose and treat acute injuries that have been sustained in playing sports.

    3.What Does a Sports Medicine Doctor Do?

    Sports medicine doctors primarily help in managing and treating sports injuries (musculoskeletal injuries related to joints, ligaments, muscles, bones, etc.) They can also manage back pain, sports conditioning, sports injury prevention, etc. 

    4.Do Sports Medicine Doctors Perform Surgery?

    Yes, sports medicine doctors can perform surgeries if needed. This can be done to treat an existing injury and to improve the athlete’s performance. 

    5.Do Sports Medicine Doctors Treat Back Pain?

    Yes, sports medicine doctors can treat back pain. They are trained to diagnose various causes of back pain and recommend the required treatment.

    6.When To See A Sports Medicine Doctor?

    You should see a sports medicine doctor if you have any sports related injuries, chronic joint pain problems, back pain, etc. You should also consult with a sports medicine physician if you are a professional athlete, to seek guidance on injury prevention and body conditioning.

    7.What Is The Difference Between Sports Medicine Doctor And Orthopedic Surgeon?

    Orthopedic surgeons can manage any bone related health concerns like fractures, joint dislocations etc. Sports medicine doctors are usually orthopedics doctors that undergo specialized training in sports related injuries and pain concerns.  

    8.Can Sports Medicine Doctors Prescribe Steroids?

    Yes, sports medicine doctors can prescribe steroids if needed. Steroids are commonly used to reduce the inflammation in muscles and joints. Steroids can be in pill form or joint injections.