Direct Primary Care

What is Direct Primary Care Model?

February 21, 2021

Harsha Moole, M.D., MBBS

Do you find doctor appointments tiresome? Are you tired of insurance companies determining the quality of your health care?

The traditional system of doctor appointment takes a lot of time and effort. Because of that, many patients avoid consultations and ignore symptoms. This dilemma leads to worse health problems.

What is Direct Primary Care Model?

The direct primary care model has revolutionized healthcare in recent years. The direct primary care model works by patients paying membership or retainer fees to doctors.

This fee entitles them to more extended consultation, almost zero waiting for time, exclusivity, priority access, and better long-term healthcare.

In recent years, more and more doctors are switching to direct primary care models. This way, they get a stable income flow while providing a better quality of care to an exclusive set of patients.

Advantages of Direct Primary Care Model

The direct primary care model means exclusivity and priority access. Some people find doctor appointments, tiresome and inconvenient. This is primarily because of the traditional system that is exhausting for both doctors and patients.

Traditional doctors have thousands of patients under their care. Patients spend hours travelling and waiting for the doctor. Consultations only last a few minutes. This cycle has compromised the quality of healthcare.

With DPC, doctors only see a total of a few hundreds of patients. Patients can contact doctors directly. Same-day appointments are possible too. DPC saves time by having almost zero waiting time for patients.

DPC also allows more time for consultation. DPC doctors can focus more and deliver a better quality of care with the exclusive set of patients.

DPC offers better patient support by having real-time contact with their doctors. This way, patients save time from waiting and setting an appointment. Healthcare is delivered immediately and regularly, improving overall health for the long-term.

What is a Direct Primary Care Plan?

DPC is changing health care for the better. DPC-Concierge doctors are breaking free from their insurance-reimbursed traditional practices to provide better patient-focused health care.

Direct primary care model offers the value of security and assurance to patients that care is available whenever they need it. DPC offers a personalized health consultation scheme.

Direct primary care model does not require filing papers to claim benefits or schedule appointments. DPC cuts the process and connects patients and doctors directly for immediate and personalized healthcare service.

Direct primary care business plans aim to change the game for healthcare by making quality care immediately accessible. DPC's accessibility and convenience improve health for the long-term by attending closely to patients' health.

Patients are seen by doctors regularly; therefore, symptoms are addressed immediately. Treatments are given right away.

Is Direct Primary Care Working?

Definitely! A growing number of doctors are switching to this model. DPC offers security for the doctors to focus more on an exclusive set of patients rather than thousands.

The Direct primary care model shares the same advocacy with the American Academy of Family Physicians' (AAFP) of making healthcare a personal experience for doctors and patients. This model highlights the positive effects of improving the doctor-patient relationship on overall health.

A direct primary care plan differs from an insurance-covered service as it is not limited to specific reimbursement values. The fees entitle patients to receive immediate primary care whenever needed. It also promotes a healthier doctor-patient relationship.

Doctors are connected to patients like family. Patients can contact their doctors directly, providing an added value of security and assurance to patients' health. Doctors are no longer bound by the restrictions of insurance companies and large corporate health systems.

DPC doctor gets paid directly by patients, and thus their loyalty is to their patients, as opposed to insurance and corporate companies. Patients are the front and center of direct primary care models.

It allows patients and doctors to spend more time for consultation. This personalized and organized system has improved the experience for both patients and doctors.

Doctors pay more attention to each patient. Patients receive personalized, organized, and comprehensive healthcare.

Direct primary care model

Is Direct Primary Care a Game-changer?

DPC is a game-changer as it promotes long-term care. With doctors handling an exclusive set of patients, care is sustained for the long-term. Holistic and personalized healthcare is achieved. It is just like having a doctor family member to rely on for health concerns.

Unlike traditional insurance-based practices, patients will not have to switch their doctors every few years in DPC practices. DPC practices provide continuity of care.

Patients and DPC providers develop a long-lasting, trusted relationship, thereby positively impacting patients health and healthcare compliance.

DPC Membership

Direct primary care membership is a cost-efficient healthcare plan as it offers something to complement insurance plans. Most people will agree that insurance claims can be complicated. Direct primary care cuts the process for immediate consultations and routine checks by connecting patients directly to doctors.

Although the patient spends money out of pocket to avail DPC services, this is more than justified by the financial advantages the come with the DPC plan:

  • Ability to reduce insurance premiums to cover only for inpatient hospitalizations, procedures, sub-specialty care etc.
  • Heavily subsidized drug/lab work pricing at wholesale rate (almost up to 90% discounts in some cases)
  • High-value health care that improves your health longevity

Insurance coverage can be focused on other health needs, including operations, hospitalizations, and other treatments. Healthcare is made more personalized with DPC.

DPC and health insurance combined provide a comprehensive and holistic healthcare package for individuals. DPC allows for excellent preventative health practices. This reduces the complications from chronic medical conditions, allowing people to stay healthy for more extended periods.

Patients will enjoy the DPC experience and reach out to their DPC doctor more often. Patients will not be discouraged by complicated insurance claiming process or appointment settings.

DPC practices more often use upfront and fixed pricing. This is contrary to insurance plans wherein computations are done after patient care is provided. This way, DPC takes the worry off from patients. They get multiple consultations monthly, with real-time access and contact to their doctors for a fixed price.

Direct Primary Care Business Plan

DPC is seen as a recruitment and retention tool. Especially in an era where health is a primary concern for employees, investing in DPC will help employers get a better reputation. Direct primary care memberships will give added value to an employee benefit. A better health benefits package will boost employee morale.

Many patients do not get satisfaction from insurance coverage, so DPC memberships offer more attractive benefits. DPC makes employees feel more valued and secured.

Employers who recalibrate their health benefits packages to include DPC gain more. Employee trust and loyalty comes after a rewarding benefit. Healthier and happier employees lead to better productivity.

Direct Primary Care simplifies healthcare. This model makes doctors and patients focus more on health and wellness rather than worrying about paper works and coverage limitations.

With DPC, doctors become loyal advocates for patients delivering better quality healthcare with nothing but the patients' well-being as the primary concern.

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Authored by Harsha Moole, M.D., MBBS

Advocate of healthcare models that promote direct relationship between patients and doctors. Founder @ FindMyDirectDoctor, LLC.

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