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Camille Duson-Thompson, CRNP

DPC Family Medicine, Pennsylvania
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Camille Duson-Thompson
Direct Primary Care
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DPC Family Medicine
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Telehealth - Pending
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Free Consultation - Pending
Holistic/Lifestyle Med - Pending
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Free initial consultation:
  • Children (0-18 years old) with an enrolled adult: $20​ / month
    • Without an enrolled adult: $40​ / month
  • College students (with valid student ID): $50 ​/ month
  • 19-44 years old: $60​ / month
  • 45-64 years old: $75​ / month
  • 65+ years old: $100​ / month
Payment Method:
Card | Cash
Additional Services:
Not Available
Doctor Details:

"Camille Duson-Thompson has been a practicing nurse for over seventeen years and has been a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner since graduating from LaSalle University’s Master’s Program in 2015. She has extensive background in public health, ambulatory care, patient advocacy, and internal medicine. I began my career as a school nurse where I fostered community outreach initiatives with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, American Diabetes Association, American Red Cross, and the City of Philadelphia. After four years, I found purpose in federally qualified health centers where I was able to provide quality and comprehensive care to patients regardless of their ability to pay. As an advocate, I was able to partner with my patients to educate them on chronic disease management and wellness. My love of teaching led me to the University of Pennsylvania where I was an adjunct faculty member and clinical instructor. I then furthered my career at Drexel University working in family medicine in both University City and Student Health."

Clinic Details:

"We believe everyone deserves compassionate and respectful medical care. We have spent most of our careers working in medically disenfranchised communities and have come to the understanding that the way medicine is practiced in the US does a disservice to patients, communities, and physicians. We believe racism, sexism, homo/transphobia, and xenophobia are public health hazards. We believe the US medical system has perpetuated these rather than addressing them and their consequences. We believe that addressing social determinants of health and trauma at individual and community levels is a key to restoring health. We work within a “Health at Every Size” paradigm, and realize that shaming people has never led to outcomes that are beneficial to well-being. We believe the word “fat” is a noun and adjective, not an insult or diagnosis. We believe that while medical technology is great, relationships are at the heart of healthcare. The newest, most expensive trend is not often what is needed. We believe in slow medicine – leaving the assembly line modern “medico-industrial complex” for Direct Primary Care affords us the time needed to address you as an individual person with unique challenges and gifts. We celebrate diversity and do not discriminate in regard to race, color, religion, national origin, immigration status, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or disability."

Conditions Treated:
Here are some of the conditions that are typically managed by a DPC Family Medicine provider:
High cholesterol
Sleep apnea
High blood pressure
Acid reflux
Cervical cancer
Treatments and Procedures:
Here are some of the treatments and procedures that are typically offered by a DPC Family Medicine provider:
Blood pressure medication
Allergy testing
Ear wax removal
Dexa scan
Physical examination
Blood glucose monitoring
Bone density test
Cancer screening
Annual wellness exam
Chronic care management
Care coordination
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1229 South 6th Street, Philadelphia,
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Disciplinary Action Taken By States Medical Board: Unable to verify
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February 14, 2024
September 06, 2023
Never rushed the visit!
Never rushed the visit!
October 04, 2023
Easy to schedule
Easy to schedule
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