Janet L. Blanchard, Concierge Internal Medicine in Albuquerque

Janet L. Blanchard, MD

Concierge Internal Medicine, New Mexico
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Janet L. Blanchard
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Concierge Internal Medicine
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"I have been practicing internal medicine for 25 years and I love it. My initial decade I provided outpatient primary care. The last 16 years I’ve worked as a hospitalist, a doctor who admits and manages hospitalized severely ill patients, working with all the surgical and medical subspecialties, as needed by the patient.  Over the last quarter century, as I’ve seen medical care of patients become more and more complex, I see the very broken, business modeled health care system of our nation, force physicians into seeing more and more of these complex patients in less and less time. It is no wonder that literature on leading causes of death in our country list in the top 10, adverse outcomes from health care.


My educational history includes a BS in Zoology from Iowa State University, a Masters of Science from SUNY Stony Brook, where I was enrolled as a doctoral student studying molecular biology but left, to pursue a Medical Doctor degree at the University of Iowa. I obtained my residency training in Internal Medicine, which is adult specialty care, from Washington University Medical Center in St. Louis, MO. My medical hypnotherapy training was completed July 2018 here in Albuquerque at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America.


I have lived in Albuquerque for 24 years. I was raised by great parents and brothers in Iowa. I came to New Mexico to provide temporary work, called locum tenens, in order to spend time with a close college friend, for 3 months. But I fell in love with New Mexico, and here I have been since. I so enjoy exploring the beautiful places and cultures of the Southwest. For the last decade I’ve been able to share this passion with my beautiful son along with other family and friends. New Mexico has served as a place of great personal and spiritual growth for me. Living here, I’ve been introduced to the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Anita Moorjani, as well as the texts A Course In Miracles and The Way of Mastery, all of which has had a profound impact on me."

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"Janet Blanchard, MD is one of the few female internists in private practice serving the community in Albuquerque. 

I decided to practice a model of outpatient medicine that will allow me the time needed to provide the type of care I like to provide, and to have balance in my life. I was greatly influenced by, and have for a long time completely agreed with, a comment made to me by my own family practice provider of my youth to young adulthood, Dr. James Smrha, now deceased, from Cedar Rapids, IA, who told me, to be a great doctor, you’ve got to listen to your patients.

My reward from this profession comes from the relationships I form with my patients. I thrive on helping others. Over the years of practice, I’ve also come to see the power the mind has over a person’s bodily health. I very much resonate with the works of Drs. Deepak Chopra, Lisa Rankin, and Bruce Lipton. The education I’ve received from the internationally recognized founders of The Hypnotherapy Academy of America, Tim and Angela Simmerman Sierra, has had a profound impact on my understanding of my self, and has provided me another tool to help my patients.  A tool that helps patients access their own power of mind to aid them in improving their own health. I am a dedicated to providing excellent, comprehensive, and compassionate internal medical care to my patients."

717 Encino Place Northeast, Suite 17, Albuquerque,
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Active Medical License: New Mexico
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