Jessica Wolkun, DPC Family Medicine in Cranford

Jessica Wolkun, PA-C

DPC Family Medicine, New Jersey
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Jessica Wolkun
Direct Primary Care
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DPC Family Medicine
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  • Age 0-17: $39 per month (see below for a family discount)
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  • Age 65+: $79 per month
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Card | Cash
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"From a young age, Jessica Wolkun had thought about a career in healthcare. But it wasn’t until a trip to the emergency room that she found her true calling. “I took my friend to the ER, and that’s when I met a physician assistant for the first time,” she said. “I could clearly see myself in that role.”

Until then, she had been following a behavioral health track in college, with the goal of working with autistic children. She changed from psychology to biology, and soon found herself in the clinical setting. “The fit was perfect because I wanted to be part of a patient’s overall health rather than just the small part that is behavioral.”

Now she brings her hospital experience, including work in gastrointestinal disorders and infectious disease, to a primary care practice. She chose Vanguard because of its focus on wellness and its genuine care and concern for its patients. Being a physician assistant at Vanguard is everything she envisioned. “I love medicine, and I enjoyed working in a hospital, but now I have the opportunity to get to know my patients and follow their health for the long term.

“My patients like that I’m thorough and that I listen to them,” she said. “I help them stay on top of their health, and I sometimes gently push a little to ensure that they get the test that they need or make the lifestyle change that will make the difference.” Jessica notes that sometimes patients put off a necessary test because of fear. “We can address the fear and help patients feel more comfortable,” she said. “That’s much easier than addressing what could happen if the test is not done.”

Being able to follow her patients’ progress is a great reward of the job, according to Jessica. “If I can help them lose weight, lower their blood pressure, and get off medication, for example, then I’ve helped them toward a longer, healthier life.”"

Clinic Details:

"Your Primary Care Team at Vanguard can treat most health problems. For those occasions when you need a specialist, we use our inside knowledge of the health care system to direct you the right specialty care.

At Vanguard we provide comprehensive advanced primary care. This includes not only preventive care such as physicals, Women’s Health and Gyn exams, contraception management, immunizations, and cancer and other recommended screenings. We can also evaluate and treat common problems such as infections, rashes, sprains, strains, aches and pains. We are skilled in the treatment of chronic conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, depression and anxiety. And if you need stitches, a skin lesion biopsy, treatment of warts or other minor surgical procedures Vanguard should be your first stop."

Conditions Treated:
Here are some of the conditions that are typically managed by a DPC Family Medicine provider:
High cholesterol
Sleep apnea
High blood pressure
Acid reflux
Cervical cancer
Treatments and Procedures:
Here are some of the treatments and procedures that are typically offered by a DPC Family Medicine provider:
Blood pressure medication
Allergy testing
Ear wax removal
Dexa scan
Physical examination
Blood glucose monitoring
Bone density test
Cancer screening
Annual wellness exam
Chronic care management
Care coordination
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570 South Avenue East, Building G, Unit A, Cranford,
Professional Background Information
Active Medical License: New Jersey
Disciplinary Action Taken By States Medical Board: No Actions Found
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February 29, 2024
Encourages patient involvement in care planning.
January 08, 2024
November 05, 2022
Awesome PA!
Absolutely best and most caring... Ms. Wolkun takes the time to listen, she never rushes the appointment and provides the care from a patient centered approach.
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