Angela Davis-Taylor, DPC Family Medicine in Phoenix

Angela Davis-Taylor, FNP-C, APRN

DPC Family Medicine, Arizona
FMDD Score: NA/10
Doctor Name:
Angela Davis-Taylor
Practice Name:
Direct Primary Care
Max Patients in Panel:
DPC Family Medicine
24x7 Access:
Response Time:
Same day, Next day
Additional Features:
Home Visit
Free Consultation
Holistic/Lifestyle Med
Accepting New Patients:
Free initial consultation:
  • Age 19-50 = $65/mo
  • Age 51-99 = $75/mo
  • Couples 50 and under = $120/month
  • Couples 51 and over = $140/month 
Payment Method:
Card | Cash
Additional Services:
Weight Loss, Nutrition Coaching, CBD Clinic, LGBTQ Competent / Friendly, Homeopathy Medicine, COVID-19 testing, Ear Wax Removal
Doctor Details:

"Hello, I am Angie, family nurse practitioner. I am nationally certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. I am excited to dedicate myself to you and your family. I've been taking care of people since 1994 and this started by working in Alzheimers care and special needs, as a nurse assistant. I ventured into the hospital environment in 2004 as a registered nurse, working in med/surg, telemetry, critical care, oncology, pre-op, and post-op. Most of my career as a registered nurse was taking care of critically ill adults. As a nurse practitioner (NP), my experience is in family health, ages 0-100+ and adult pain management. I obtained my NP education at Grand Canyon University here in Phoenix in 2018 ( I actually got my bachelors there as well in 2013). I went back for my NP with the intention on opening a clinic to help the community. Oh, I am also becoming a integrartive nutrition health coach...woot woot. Training at the Institute of Integrative members know I am always educating about tools to improve health through diet, exercise, and stress management! I send them recipes, and all kind of recommendations lol. My passion is helping people naturally, I do extensive studying in homeopathy, aromatherapy, women's health, men's health, nutritional health. Next will be peptide therapy. I am also considering stem cell treatment (when I am trained of course). God gave me a second chance at love, (that is my beautiful husband and grand-daughter in the pic). I am a mother of 4 adult children, 1 step-daughter, and 6 grandchildren, with 1 on the way. I am also blessed to have both my parents, five siblings, a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and so forth. Being from Ohio, many of my family members are back home. I came to Arizona for the weather in 2007...yeah buddy!! Taking Care of people is all I know, it is my gift, given from God! I enjoy seeing people get better and feel better. I also enjoy helping others stay healthy, this is a challenge in America, with our fast paced lives. I am blessed to be your provider and will give you the best care imaginable. This stems from my time working with cancer patients for over 5 years, I've learned so much about compassion, caring, and going above and beyond. All of the qualities already within me were enhanced. I became saddened to learn of so many people who do not have insurance or have thousands of out of pocket cost before meeting a deductible. I met a patient who had a $7500 deductible, all cost before the deductible was out of pocket. This usually means the patient will not seek care to stay healthy and prevent diseases, and will only seek care during an absolute life threatening emergency, which is sad. A Direct Primary Care Membership based healthcare, grouped with a healthshare is another great option. That is why we offer and love direct primary care. Being a member allows our patients to pay one monthly cost and gain personalized care to stay well, manage their health, along with being taken care of when ill. We are partenered with Zion Health Share and they come highly recommended. You need to know that there are many options available. We have people who want to come to our clinic, but cannot afford to pay for insurance and our we have decided to take a few insurances. Right now we are accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield and Arizona Foundation. Remember...Your Health is Personal! I would be honored at the opportunity to partner with you. Daisy Family Health is here to provide: Health Care in Phoenix Direct Primary Care in Phoenix I am limited to 500 Patients!! We believe in keeping the patient load small. We do plan to have another provider as we grow."

Clinic Details:

"Our focus is on prevention and wellness. When you begin with wellness and preventing diseases from happening in the first place, you are partnering with your provider to take an active part in your health. So you will see us take a more integrative approach to managing your health. We love to discuss a more holistic way to provide will get that vibe when you walk in our clinic."

Conditions Treated:
Here are some of the conditions that are typically managed by a DPC Family Medicine provider:
High cholesterol
Sleep apnea
High blood pressure
Acid reflux
Cervical cancer
Treatments and Procedures:
Here are some of the treatments and procedures that are typically offered by a DPC Family Medicine provider:
Blood pressure medication
Allergy testing
Ear wax removal
Dexa scan
Physical examination
Blood glucose monitoring
Bone density test
Cancer screening
Annual wellness exam
Chronic care management
Care coordination
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4150 West Peoria Avenue, Suite 121, Phoenix,
Professional Background Information
Active Medical License:
Disciplinary Action Taken By States Medical Board: Unable to verify
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January 14, 2022
The staff is courteous and professional.
The staff is courteous and professional. Dr. Angela has excellent bedside manners, which some consider being a lost skill. This clinic comes highly recommended from me.
January 14, 2022
I've been a patient of Dr. Davis's for a long time.
I've been a patient of Dr. Davis's for a long time. She is the best doctor I've ever had, as evidenced by a recent stay in the hospital. She came to see me frequently and made sure that my health and well-being were her top priorities.
January 14, 2022
My consultation was fantastic.
My consultation was fantastic. I can't say enough excellent things about this facility and the people who work there. I've been to other clinics and seen other physicians, but this was by far the finest.
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