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Largest online directory listing of direct care doctors. Showcase your practice to millions of our patient viewers.
FindMyDirectDoctor is the largest online directory listing website of Direct Primary Care (DPC) and Concierge Medicine doctors in the United States. Your presence here at is crucial to creating a better direct patient care landscape across America.
Make yourself available to patients who are searching for a direct care physician they can trust.
Your availability and accessibility could be the fuel behind a patient’s journey to long-term health and wellness.
Physician owned, value-based platform. No corporate agenda.
Founded by a medical professional who is frustrated with the country’s current broken health care system, is owned and operated by Harsha Moole, MD, a strong advocate of direct patient care models.
Being a physician-scientist, entrepreneur, investor, and author / principal investigator of more than 100 peer-reviewed research articles published in NEJM, US Department of Health, and NHS, among others, Dr. Harsha Moole believes that Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine can free patients and doctors from the shackles of corporate/insurance industries, thereby providing a highly efficient patient-centered form of health care.
What Yelp is for restaurants/food reviews; FindMyDirectDoctor is for DPC/Concierge Medicine doctors.
We strive to be the best in the business, and we cannot do this without your help.
Our overarching mission is to aggressively educate millions of patients about the benefits of DPC/Concierge Medicine, drastically increase awareness and access by connecting them to DPC/Concierge Medicine doctors like you, whom they can rely on and trust.
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We understand the challenges of having your business/practice be visible and relevant in this fast-paced online era. Here are some reasons why listing your practice at can boost your business and positively affect your patient advocacy:
Our state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimization (SEO) system will radically improve your online presence, making your DPC/Concierge Medicine practice highly visible, and more importantly, accessible to millions of patients searching online for a boutique medical provider.
We list DPC/Concierge Medicine practices for free.
It’s true, by simply signing up, we are able to create a customized online listing for you at zero cost.
Increase your profits and improve your patient advocacy! Amplified online visibility brings you more leads and more patient sign-ups, thus, better-performing revenue outcomes.
You get competitive advantage over other DPC/Concierge Medicine practices in your area.
This can be achieved by increased online visibility in your zip codes and your neighboring zip codes.
Having a FindMyDirectDoctor profile gives you a better hand at navigating and attracting millions of health care shoppers who are constantly online, equipping you with a stronger fighting chance to transform them into your life-long patients.
We’re all for helping you gain social trust and we do this by promoting your boutique services and expertise as well as highlighting positive reviews from past and current patients.
Another goal of ours as a platform is to bolster your online reputation via a detailed listing page of your practice, voluntary blog post contributions, brand exposure, & patient reviews. We firmly believe that DPC/Concierge Medicine doctors deserve the limelight.
We are relevant. We know exactly how to address the current broken health care system. There is inherent value in direct care practices, and we are morally inclined and immensely capable to grow the DPC / Concierge Medicine ecosystem in the US.
All of this is fueled under the premise that we are physician-owned and operated. We are not a corporate company with a financial agenda.
This platform is run by an internal medicine physician, bootstrapping to develop this value-based platform – which means no Wall Street, no VC, no corporate interest, just Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine physicians committed to providing better health care to their patients.
This is and will always be a physician-owned boutique online directory listing platform - DEDICATED to direct care providers ONLY.
Join the movement for better health care and follow this simple Sign Up process, so that we can set up a standard profile of your clinic in our directory listing service.
10,000+ DPC & Concierge doctors have already submitted their clinic listings. We are going live in a few months and would love for you to be a part of this direct care movement.
Let us know if you have any questions, and we will be more than happy to connect with you. Contact Us here.